Wallpapers Featured in Fedora 31

Wallpapers Featured in Fedora 31

As a long-time Linux user and Fedora enthusiast I was happy to see the release announcement for the Fedora 31 beta. I was even happier to see that, following a community voting process, my two wallpaper submissions in the Fedora 31 Supplementary Wallpaper election had been ranked highly enough to make it into the extras package!

The first of these images, Sunset on Antler Peak, was taken in Mt. Rainier National Park, WA on the climb down from Mt. Fremont – the highest fire lookout in the park at over 7000ft (2133m). The path runs along a thin ridge for a way, revealing Sunrise visitor centre to the right and this wonderful forested valley view to the left. Hastily, I pulled out my tripod and took a few shots as the light made its way up and over the peaks.

Descent to Ben Alder Bothy, the second of the two images, is a late autumnal scene from the Scottish Highlands, overlooking Loch Ericht with Ben Alder itself looming large to the left. As the light flashed golden while the evening took hold, we crossed the saddle separating the Loch Ericht valley from Loch Ossian’s and the hills echoed with the calls of stags, so frequently heard during the rutting season in October and November. Just a short walk further reveals Ben Alder Cottage – hidden from view in this image – a rustic, stone bothy at the end of a long day’s walk.


Already a Fedora user? To install these additional wallpapers just run:

sudo dnf install f31-backgrounds-extras-[gnome|kde]

substituting your desktop environment of choice at the end of the command.

Not using Fedora? I’ll post links to a wallpaper bundle of these images soon, featuring 4K and ultrawide versions of both.