Convert Rebuild #3: Carb Reassembly and Rim Cleaning

Today's Progress

  • Gave the Borrani rims a good scrub with Gunk Green degreaser. These will need another pass but it made a difference, and at least the spoke nipples are visible now under the dirt.
  • Inspected the rims – looks like they’ll polish up well and the spokes only have surface rust. The central hub might need something a bit more aggressive but I don’t believe that was ever polished from the factory.
  • Finished working on the carburetors
  • Fitted new choke plungers of the individual lever type. I think having individual controls will simplify the job of cable routing other components later on.
  • Packaged up the incorrectly-sized main jets for return and fitted 135 main jets of the smaller, VHB-30 correct, diameter.
  • Fitted new gaskets to the cap, bowl, bowl nut, choke jet, fuel connector
  • Replaced accelerator pump, idle and choke jets, slides, floats and cap.

Technical Notes & Learnings

VHB-30 carbs are oddballs that use a smaller diameter main jet than other VHBs. These are M5 threaded inserts, not M6.