Fixing Tiberian Sun Audio Corruption and Lag

Have you run into an issue where audio effects and music in C&C Tiberian Sun are played out-of-sync, played repeatedly or are missing? I did when I installed the game on my Windows 98 retro gaming PC and I managed to find a solution in the game configuration file.

My sound card is a Yamaha YMF744 - perhaps other brands and models are also affected. None of the driver options regarding buffering or special workaround modes had any effect and other games were not having issues.

Potential Fix

Open the game's configuration file, located in the base directory of the install location. For me that's: C:\Westwood\SUN\Sun.ini

Note the line SoundLatency=9 . The exact number shown may be different depending your system.

If your issue relates to sound effects being skipped or delayed (such as when rolling the mouse cursor quickly over the main menu items) then try lowering this value. I went all the way to zero with no ill effects. Anything below 2 was sufficient to fix my issue. 

If the problem is more like stuttering or distorted sounds then try increasing the value from its default. I haven't determined the maximum value for this setting so YMMV.