A hobbyist landscape photographer, travelling to find nature’s best offerings. Based in England, many of my images are from abroad or from the Scottish Highlands as these offer more dramatic scenery than my home county.

I enjoy landscape photography for its challenges - most notably the constant shifting of the light and changing of the weather that the UK is famous for. I appreciate the laid-back approach that arises from photographing subjects that move on a geological time scale. The outdoors is my studio and my models are incredibly patient.

By day I work as a software developer so camera technology and its continual development is something that I like to keep close track of. It’s not all high-tech though. Landscape photography and manual focusing, for me, go hand-in-hand and I keep several non-AF lenses in my collection, both modern and vintage. After all, that mountain isn’t going anywhere soon so lightning-fast autofocus can take a back seat for this application. I’m working on some reviews of these lenses, to be posted on the blog.